Types of Room Dividers That Create Optic Illusions

Room Divider

There are several ways in which to create a bigger living space as well as add depth to a small apartment or room. For instance reflective room dividers are a great choice for small confined spaced. Mirrors for instance create an optic illusion, which makes your home look bigger and also provides depth.

You can use reflective dividers to separate your living room from the kitchen or create an office space. These can be used to separate your bedroom from your living area as well.

Then there are semi translucent room dividers that allow air and light to penetrate through, which is ideal, as the room you are dividing won’t become stuffy or dark. You can make use of earthy neutral dividers that have been crafted from rice paper, loose woven fabric or even muslin. You could also make use of landscaping art or portraits. If you are looking for a non intrusive way to completely divide your space then monochromatic dividers are the answer.

These are sliding dividers that come in solid colors that will blend in with your existing d├ęcor and won’t intrude on your decorating elements. Get creative and instead of using standard sliding room dividers create interesting re purposing dividers.

Collect strips of wood, old doors and other interesting pieces and then make use of hinges to create a room divider. Once you have completed the project secure the one side to a wall.

You can also create your own room dividers, as you can basically use anything thing to make up a divider. If you are artistic you could create something that would get your visitors attention.

You can paint a replica of a famous artist or create your own personal art. There are just so many different ideas. Page through interior decorating magazines, go online or visit museums to get ideas.

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