Some Iron Room Divider Ideas

Room Divider

Adding room dividers is a practical way to partition large spaces into smaller, more workable areas. While adding permanent walls are more costly, they also limit the homeowner’s freedom to change or move things around. That is why room dividers are important in every home. The most common room divider type is the screen panel, but iron room dividers have slowly gained popularity through the years.

It is not surprising why more people have opted to use iron room dividers. Iron is a hard metal, so it does not easily bend and can support heavy objects that are suspended or placed on it. At the same time, it is malleable, so at certain high temperatures, it can be flattened, bent, and twisted. It can take on any form, so more designs can be made with it, making it a delightful material for a designer to work on.

A plain iron-based divider can be “dressed up” to adjust to any theme that your room has. You can cover it with fabric or paper for a sheer, elegant divider. With acrylic paint and some materials, you can create designs on the fabric and turn it into an artwork piece. You can also use fabrics with designs that define a certain theme, like Chinese or Indian.

Some dividers are covered with palm bark or wicker, which can give your room a beach, country or European feel. When used with brass and palm deigns, it can be used for an Asian-inspired or Hawaiian theme. By adjusting the shade and thickness of the material, you can make the divider thicker or more transparent, depending on your preference. When used with colored or frosted glass, it gives the impression of a church window, making it an interesting piece of d├ęcor.

Iron room dividers are versatile as they are durable. To bring the outdoors in, folding iron dividers can be used like a French door that opens to a garden or patio. For those who love nature, their rooms can be designed in such a way that iron dividers separate the main room from a mini-garden filled with plants and artificial waterfalls. You can paint them with any color or finish you want. And if the paint chips off, you can sand and repaint them again.

Aside from wrought iron, other metallic materials may be used as dividers. We now see brass, steel and aluminum room dividers in the market. They come in many sizes and designs, so you wouldn’t have to worry that the divider is too tall or too short for your room. Whatever theme your room has, whatever privacy needs you have, there is one iron room divider perfect for you.

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