Room Divider Shelving Adds Storage and Style

Room Divider

When you need to divide a large room into different sections, the best way to do it is to use dividers that serve multiple purposes. Instead of a room divider that serves only as a visual block, select dividers that also work as shelves. You will find that room divider shelving adds storage and style and helps keep a large open area organized and clean.

Divider Size:
The size of the divider will most often be determined by the size of the room. While many dividers are made to fit a certain dimension, they can be altered by adding more units or arranging the partition a different way. To figure out what size divider is going to work best for your space, measure the area of the room and get a rough idea of how wide and how long you need the divider to be.

Next, use masking tape to lay out those dimensions on your floor. This will help you get a better idea of how much room will be on either side of the shelf. While it may be tempting to just measure and not lay out the size of the piece using tape, you will find that you are able to select a perfect shelf, because you know exactly what dimensions you need.

What to Look For:
When choosing a shelf room divider, you will have to decide if you want equal access to the shelves on both sides, or if you want to just be able to get at your items from one side. There are some great open style bookshelves that can double as room dividers. These not only allow you to use the shelves as open spaces, but they are also perfectly sized to hold large square baskets and bins.

Some of the larger furniture stores also offer slide in cabinet attachments that have a door. By using this type of system, you open up your storage area in the room and also create multiple spaces that can be kept contained and organized. If you prefer to only access the shelves from one side, a standard bookshelf may work equally as well for your room dividing needs.

Color and Style:
When room dividers came as screens only, there was not a lot of variety to their style. Some may have been more formal than others, but all had the same standard look. With room dividers that double as shelving, there are endless possibilities to the colors and styles available. If you have an unusual color on your room’s walls, you can purchase an unfinished shelving unit that can be primed and painted to match.

This will make it seem as though the shelving unit is a natural extension of the room’s features. If you prefer a modern look, there are many different shelving options available that have the crisp, clean edges you are looking for. No matter what style or color you need, there is definitely a room divider that doubles as storage for you.

When you have extra storage space in a room, you add style and organization to the space. This is particularly important in small rooms, but also a big part of keeping larger rooms neat and tidy. The next time you want to divide your room into different sections, use a room divider with shelving for style and storage.

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