Buying Office Room Dividers – 3 Considerations

Room Divider

When you think of a room divider or folding screen, you usually picture using it to divide a room. Perhaps between a large living room – dining room combination or to divide a bedroom into a sleeping and sitting area. But room dividers can be put to many other uses that will enhance your decor as well as add a unique touch to any room.

Today’s room dividers are quite decorative and come in almost any style to suit whatever your decor. Some can even be functional with shelving, slots for photos and activity centers for children’s rooms. Adding one to your room will immediately create a unique focal point, but what if you don’t need to divide the room?

If you are decorating a bedroom, one great use for a room divider is to use it as a headboard. In order to do this, you should choose a divider that is roughly as wide as your bed. In this instance, you won’t be folding the divider – you want to leave it flat. Simply open it up and slide it behind the head of the bed. Purchase matching bedding and you will have a fabulous display. Be sure to buy bedding that matches the theme and color of your folding screen divider and if the divider is very busy with a pattern or scene you might want to make sure you buy bedding that is more plain.

You can also use a room divider simply to dress up a wall. This is a great idea for apartments where you can’t paint or wallpaper but you want something a bit more snazzy to liven up a room. You can put the divider flat against the wall, but if you do you will have to anchor it somehow so it doesn’t tip over. If you don’t want to anchor it, then you can fold it slightly – not too much as you want to be able to see the full divider but just enough so that it is steady.

You can even use a room divider in the kitchen to enhance a breakfast nook or corner eating area. here you will be using it in sort of the opposite way you would normally. Instead of folding the divider so that it is kitty cornered and there is a space between the divider and the wall, you will put it flat against the wall with a fold in the corner so that it wraps around the corner creating a decorative alcove for a unique dining area.

Room dividers add ambiance to any room and you don’t have to use them in the traditional manner. If you use your imagination, you can think of different ways to use traditional decorative accessories which will give your home a unique flair!

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